Smartphone Launches happening at MWC 2017

The Mobile World Congress- the biggest mobile show of the planet, is right around the corner, and as always, the big guns of the Smartphone industry will show up to show off the latest phones from their stable. Though we know that we'll have to wait a bit more for the Galaxy S8, and we also know that Xiaomi will be absent as well, there are some pretty exciting launches that we certainly wouldn't want to miss. So guys and girls, let's see what we have here...

Motorola/Lenovo at #MWC17

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been an insane number of leaks showing the looks and specs of the Moto G5, and that's exactly what Motorola would have on their display at the event. No prizes for guessing, the G5 will also be launched in multiple variants, like its predecessor- the Moto G4. It'll be an inexpensive but powerful smartphone (hopefully) with strong camera performance. We've covered everything about the Moto G5 in a post already, and you can have a look at it here if you're interested.

LG at #MWC17

The LG G6 | Image Courtesy: 9to5Google

LG has teased their G6 for quite a bit now, and with all the information we have regarding it, the G6 is gonna be a traditional flagship with the Snapdragon 821 (yeah, that's so 2016). LG have moved away from the modularity (at least for now) that they touted on their previous year's flagship- the G5. Here's a link to the post that has detailed information on the LG G6, ICYMI.

Samsung at #MWC17

Though the much-awaited Galaxy S8 won't make an appearance at the event this year, Samsung isn't entirely skipping the event. Samsung fans will not be dissapointed as the Samsung Tab S3 will be in there in Samsung's arsenal. This is their flagship tablet, and we don't have much info regarding what it'll look like (but it'll have a big display, duh!) or what'll be inside it.

BlackBerry at #MWC17

Oh, the good ol' full physical keypad days! We miss it, and BlackBerry knows that! Yes, the brand is still alive under the TCL banner, and is set to make yet another comeback (Powered by Android, LOL) this year at the MWC. Though their last-year flagship wasn't bad at anything, making just a good phone in today's competition isn't compelling enough. 'Mercury' by BlackBerry is all set to make its international debut at the event, and it's a really really great piece of, well, phone.

Huawei at #MWC17

Huawei will be taking wraps off it's 2017 flagship, which is called the P10. Huawei is a company that isn't particularly following any brand, and is continuously putting in more innovation into it's phones. The Mate 9 that we recently got our hands-on, is an excellent smartphone and we have high hopes from the P10 as well. We'll have to wait till the event to see whether the P10 is a device you should be buying this year.

Sony at #MWC17

We don't have any info on what Sony is planning for the MWC, but there are rumors claiming that Sony would launch the successor to their Xperia X, which was launched previous year at MWC. Sony's line up has gotten pretty confusing as well, but with the recent price-cuts on the Xperia X, we'll happily accept the rumors of an Xperia X2.

 HTC at #MWC17

There hasn't been any official words from the Taiwanese giant regarding MWC, but we're expecting a glimpse at the successor to the HTC 10. Though they recently unveiled their 'U' series of phones, which will be their flagship line for 2017, we have been teased about a "True Flagship" by the brand. Let's wait and watch what surprises they have in line.

Nokia at #MWC17

Okay, we kept the best for the last. Nokia will be the center of attraction at the Mobile World Congress this year. The company has recently launched the Nokia 6, which, going by the sales, is a huge hit already. News is that Nokia, under HMD Global, has not just 1, but about 5 phones to be unveiled, which is pure insane. Nokia already has the brand value, and it has got enough hype to drive money into it's home.

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