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Free Jio Prime Membership

We all know that Jio brought about a storm in the telecom market in India with its free services. Well, now that the free services are ending soon, the telecom operator has introduced a new plan called 'Jio Prime', which, when enrolled into, gives a year of exclusive offers and benefits. Regularly, the Jio Prime membership costs Rs. 99 (for 12 Months) and one can recharge his/her Jio number quickly from the MyJio App, PayTM, Mobikwik and other recharge providers. While these provided some discounts, today we'll have a look at a method to buy the Jio Prime membership for effectively Rs. 0!
Yes, this is an (and probably the only) legit working way to get Jio Prime membership for completely free. Go through the complete article and Here's how you can get it:

Things You'll Need:

How to Get Jio Prime Membership for Free:
  1. Download PhonePe app from the link above.
  2. Link your Bank account to PhonePe using the mobile number that's registered in your bank. It's a very easy process, so we won't describe it in detail. Just follow the on-screen instructions on the app to get your bank account linked to PhonePe.
  3. Set up a UPI Pin on PhonePe (Linked Accounts > Set UPI Pin). This is the password you'll need to complete UPI Transactions.
  4. After you've successfully linked your bank account and set a UPI Pin, just restart the app (close it and open it again).
  5. On the first screen, tap on 'Mobile' in 'Recharge & Pay Bills' tab. 
  6. In the next screen that appears, Enter your Jio number by selecting the small 'Contacts' button on the right edge. The app will automatically detect your career (Jio) and network circle.
  7. After it, enter '99' in the 'Enter Amount' field, which is located above the Mobile Number field.
  8. Double check the phone number you entered. Then, scroll down to the bottom and Pay Rs. 99 from the Bank account linked to PhonePe. You'll be asked about your UPI Pin (that you set in Step 3) to complete your transaction. You don't need any Coupon codes or Promo codes. You'll be charged Rs. 99 from your bank at this step. Don't worry, we'll get Rs. 99 back into the bank account very easily.
  9. Wait till the recharge is successful. You'll receive two cash-backs of Rs. 49 (50% Cashback on the first transaction with PhonePe) and Rs. 50 (Jio Discount Offer from PhonePe) immediately after the recharge is successful. Collectively, you'll receive cashback of Rs. 99 (which is what we paid).
  10. Next, go to the homepage of the PhonePe app and slide in from the left edge of the screen. Click on 'Wallet' and you'll see that your wallet balance is Rs. 99.
  11. Just drag the 'Wallet' icon onto your 'Bank' icon and Rs. 99 will be deposited back into your Bank account. You won't be charged any transaction or deposit charges!
Congrats! You just bought Jio Prime membership for totally free!

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Things You Should Know:
  • This offer is available only once per user per Jio Number per Bank account, and is valid till midnight of 31st March 2017.
  • You can also get Rs. 25 cashback once on doing a recharge of Rs. 303 from the PhonePe app.
  • If you have used the Bank Account for any transaction (Recharge, Bill Payment or Transfer) on PhonePe before, you would not get the first cashback of Rs. 49. However, you'll still get Rs. 50 as a part of the Jio Offer on PhonePe.

That's all for this quick article!
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