OnePlus 5 Is Here, But Whom It Is For, And Should You Upgrade?

22nd June 2017. It's finally here. OnePlus have finally launched the much awaited OnePlus 5 in India today. The phone is finally in all its flesh, and we're sure that you'd already have seen more than a dozen articles and videos covering the launch. OnePlus have focused on cameras this time around, and though it resembles the iPhone 7 Plus and the Oppo R11 quite a bit, the design is still not something that can be called ugly. Also, the new phone retains the 1080p display from the predecessor and, sadly, the bezels (of death) as well. But that's not what we're here to discuss. We'll reserve the problems & complaints we have for a later post. The full review of the phone shall be live very shortly on the blog, but in this post, let's try to clear the clouds of doubt. Should you dump your previous year phone for this one? Should you get the OnePlus 5 instead of the S8? Or should you wait? Let's see if the OnePlus 5 should be your next phone based on situations you might be in!

Who should buy the OnePlus 5?

  • Long-time iOS users who want to try/switch to Android. All OnePlus phones have always been about latest internals, stock-ish Android, relatively cheaper price tags, and a headphone jack (sorry, but had to do it). The main selling point is, you'd have to deal with a lot less bloat (almost zero), and you'd still be enjoying the dual camera setup which is found on the iPhone 7 Plus, Portrait Mode included. No lags or hiccups, massive specs, and a great pair of cameras, all at a price nearly 60% of the competition make this phone a favorite for first-time Android users. 
  • People who use a 2-year old smartphone. If you've been using a phone for a long time now, and by a long time, we mean, for about a couple of years now, and are looking to upgrade to a newer phone, we've all the reasons why you should be considering the OnePlus 5. For starters, it packs the latest internals, dual cameras, sturdy and beautiful body, all-day battery, at a relatively lower price than other flagships. Secondly, the company is getting better with software updates, so the phone should be getting regular updates for at least a couple of years. Third, like all OnePlus phones, this one too shall have great after-market community support so you can flash ROMs and do all those stuff, without voiding the warranty. The list is long, and the bottom line is: you should upgrade to the OnePlus 5.
  • People who use a low-mid range Android phone. If you own just a sub 15,000 rupees phone (Like the Redmi Note 3/4) and are looking to get a flagship for yourself, look no further than this one. At this price, this one is still an absolute bang for the buck, and should easily make for a great flagship device for you.
  • OnePlus One/Two/X Owners. If you still own one of OnePlus's older generation phones and are looking to upgrade, the OnePlus 5 should be the phone you should be looking at. Let's accept it, OnePlus Two has aged not so well, & has been forgotten by the brand, the X was not that popular, and the One is now more than 3 years old. It's obvious that the users of these devices should be looking to upgrade, and the OnePlus 5 should be the phone they should be looking at because it continues the trend of high specs at a low price.

Who shouldn't buy the OnePlus 5?

  • People who own a previous year Android flagship. If you're one of the people looking to upgrade from a 2016 flagship, the OnePlus 5 might not be the phone you should be upgrading to. The performance upgrade from a Snapdragon 820/821 to the 835 is not that substantial, and 8GB RAM is just a spec that can be marketed well. If you're into cameras, let us tell you, the cameras on the 5 is a hit-or-miss case and lack OIS. We would suggest you wait for a few more months for the second gen Pixel devices (a OnePlus 5T might be in the works!).
  • People who own OnePlus 3/3T. If you're one of the people who already own a OnePlus 3 or a OnePlus 3T, there's no real reason for you to get the OnePlus 5, except if you're a die-hard fanboy. The display is exactly the same, the front bezels are exactly the same, the build is heavily inspired by an individual device, and there's no noticeable difference in regular use. The yesteryear devices are still two of the snappiest devices of today and shall continue receiving updates from the brand.

That's it for this post guys. We shall be happy to clear any other doubts you might have. Just hit it up in the comments down below, and we shall be trying to answer them ASAP!
Peace Out!

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