Mi Mix 2 Launched, and yes, it is coming to India!

The most obvious trend in smartphones these days is to shrink the bezels and Mi (or Xiaomi) kind of started the game with their very popular Mi Mix which they launched last year. Unfortunately, though, the Mi Mix didn't officially launch in India (or any other market other than China) and importing it from China was a pain. However, Mi launched the successor to the Mi Mix - The Mi Mix 2, alongside the Mi Note 3, today in China, and we, as usual, had our eyes on the live stream, hoping that it comes to India. Will it? Or will it not? To our surprise, there was no announcement on the stage regarding this, and we were heartbroken, again.

No, that title isn't click bait, and we didn't fool you. Guess what? The Mi Mix 2 is flagged as a 'Coming Soon' product, and we couldn't be happier. Mi's Global VP Manu and Mi India's official handles shared the news later today on their social media channels and that made us rejoice. Finally, skipping the Mi6 in India doesn't feel that bad now!

Now that you know that it's coming to India (spoiler: launch dates and prices towards the end of this post), let's see what the new phone packs.

The Mi Mix 2 is a beautiful piece of tech, that people will actually admire when they hold it in their hands, just like the original Mi Mix. The phone makes even the latest flagships look dated, or, to put it in a better way, the phone looks like a futuristic only-glass no-body kind of tech that we see in movies. But, Mi has reduced the actual footprint of the phone, by shrinking down the display to a 5.99 inch LCD unit with an aspect ratio of a modest 18:9, while the original had a 6.4 inch LCD. The display measures 2160/1050 in terms of resolution and does also have the rounded corners. Add to that, the chin bezel, which was the largest bezel on the Mi Mix, has been shrunk by 12% on the Mix 2. Both of these factors mean, the Mi Mix 2 shall be a more one-hand friendly smartphone, which is, good news.

Coming to the build, the phone is made up of the same ceramic on the back, that we saw on the Mix, which is both a good thing and a bad one. The good thing being, it's extremely tough to scratch, and it looks extremely beautiful when it's clean; and the bad thing is, that it's extremely difficult to keep it clean of smudges and fingerprints. Mi addresses this issue and bundles a back cover in the box itself. The skeleton of the phone (or the frame) is made up of aluminum, which is both sturdy and light. That's not it, there's a special edition of the phone that is made completely out of ceramic, eliminating the aluminum frame from the middle. The phone is slim at 7.7mm and narrower than the Mix at 75.5mm. It's also shorter, at 151.8mm.

Next up, some specs for the fanatics. The Mix 2 is Mi's premium flagship, so it packs all the high-end internals too. Snapdragon 835, 6 gigs of RAM, 64, 128 and 256 gigs of UFS 2.1 internal storage, Bluetooth 5.0, USB C, wireless charging and a 3400 mAh battery, to name a few. The special edition we talked about earlier only comes in a 128GB storage variant as of now, which we think should've been the 256GB model.

Now let's talk about the areas where Mi have tried to improve over the original Mi Mix. First, there's now support for 43 LTE bands out of the box, which means, LTE networks all around the world should work just fine. Second, the phone now uses an actual speaker for the earpiece rather than a piezoelectric sensor, that was used on the first-generation of the phone. Third, the phone will ship with MIUI 9 based on Android Nougat, which means it is kind of an upgrade in terms of software.

But much like other phones, this phone is also not perfect. It has some compromises, and we'll admit, most of them won't go unnoticed. The phone does not have any sort of IP certification for water or dust resistance, to begin with. The rear camera is just a single lens unit, unlike the dual-camera trend. Oh, and by the way, the rear camera is the Sony IMX386 unit, i.e., 12MP f/2 quad-axis stabilized unit found on the Mi6, which certainly won't match up to the quality or feature set of the Pixels or the new iPhones. Third, the selfie camera is still a 5MP unit that sits under the display which means you'll have to turn the phone upside-down whenever you want to take a selfie. Although they have managed to actually hide the camera in the chin, it's obvious that even the selfie camera won't be able to compete with the 'super selfie' cameras brands are putting on their phones these days. Vivo'nt complain, though.

Let's talk money. The phone starts at 3299 yuan (roughly US$510 or Rs. 32500 INR) for the 64GB base variant, with the 128GB model costing 3599 yuan (roughly US$550 or Rs. 35000 INR) and the 256GB model costing 3999 yuan (roughly US$610 or Rs. 39000 INR). The special edition costs 4699 yuan (US$ 720 or Rs. 46000 INR).

Talking of availability, the phone shall ship to customers in China within the next couple of weeks. Indian launch is expected in the next month (right in-time for Diwali) and Indian sales should start right away after the launch. At the expected price, the phone shall compete against the OnePlus 5, the Honor 8 Pro, and even the big guns like the iPhone 8 and Galaxy siblings.

We shall update this article as and when we get more information.

What do you think of the Mi Mix 2? Are you going to get one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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